Understand Carbamide Peroxide, The Teeth Whitening Wizard

Peroxide is that bubbly fluid that has been in use for thousands of years by doctors and moms to kill bacteria and help wounds heal. What you do not know is that this is the same stuff that is being used to whiten teeth.


Carbamide peroxide alongside /or Hydrogen peroxide are the main ingredients that are used to whiten teeth, if you take a look at nearly all the tooth bleaching kits and teeth whitening products available today, you will get to see that they contain either both or one of these ingredients. The difference between the uses of both these products lies in the strength of the Carbamide peroxide gel.  The rule of thumb states that the higher the strength, the faster the results. What people forget to add after this statement is that there is also a higher risk of   gum damage. 


Many professional whitening /bleaching gels incorporate  a couple of various chemicals to whiten teeth:  Carbamide peroxide is used for a few hours to overnight while Hydrogen peroxide is usually used for about 30 minutes a couple of times a day.


Carbamide peroxide is of lower strength meaning that it can limit the irritating effects of stronger peroxide chemicals.   


However, Carbamide peroxide gels aare available in variety of strengths.  These products range from a very safe 10% to a more characteristic 16 and 20-22% strengths.  There are also some stronger gels available that state an upward 30%+ strength level.  These gels are somewhat not that safe if their claim is correct as it can and will discolor your mouth soft tissue if it comes in contact with it for any length of time.   Therefore, the stronger peroxides should be used by only dentist or dental professional.  This is because they know what product they can use alongside it so that your gums and soft tissue are protected from their effects.


There are various Professional Teeth Whitening kits that bleach teeth for many people annually without major harms.  However, this is not to mean that using teeth bleaching products are completely safe even if used incorrectly.  If incorrectly used, you might turn to be a victim of tooth sensitivity and gum discoloration.


 To conclude, when Carbamide Peroxide is used as directed, it is a safe and effective tooth whitening product that makes you smile brightly without fussing on your looks.