Tips for lower back pain relief

Lower back pain is a general problem that can afflict any individual regardless of the age. The pain usually originates after repeated overdoing of strenuous exercises to your spine. The pain can be felt even after performing a cheap task but the underlying cause can be something done several years ago. It is good o realize in advance of the lower back pain so as to take remedial measures to avoid sudden body function  failure. Keep in mind that the spine is complex and requires maximum care. In case you are already ailing from this problem, you don’t need to worry because there are proven ways you can get over it. Explained below are tips one can follow to alleviate the problem.  


The first action is to monitor the body weight. Most back pain issues are primarily caused by overweight related problems. The main task of the spine is to support the weight of the body in your daily activities. The burden of carrying the body increases when the body gains more weight thus becoming strenuous. With this regard, you need to keep the body weight at manageable levels. The other factor to put into consideration is the spine mobility. People with back pain problems will always try to train their spines by doing exercises and moving around. However, it may not be that helpful because it has been found to aggravate the condition. During moving the lower back, there are high chances of causing more injury to the whole spine. It is normal to move the hips and upper spine but care should be taken not to overdo it. You can try doing some movements involving the thoracic spine and the hips.


The best known method to prevent lower back pain is to maintain a straight standing posture. The muscles tend to be fatigued and weaker on people who usually keep a bent over position. To avoid the increase of shear force, it is good to keep a right posture when tackling daily activities. It is advisable not to sit bent over position for long hours because it will increase shear force on the lower back of the body.  Regardless of how tempting a six-pack abdomen is, the truth is that it increases the force on the lower back. No matter how good sit-ups can be, they should not be overemphasized. The best thing to do is using a few planks that will reduce the lower back pain stress meanwhile making your abdomen stronger.