Tips for designing a small fitting bathroom

The nature and state of the bathroom has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth convenience and decadence. The first task that you need to do is to have a work plan that depends majorly on your budget and preference. You should be in possession of accurate bathroom measurements, the essentials and other components that you may incorporate like the cabinets and shelving. The floor should be of a single style so as to add in terms of size perception. The tiles that you will use for the bathroom are more likely to determine the size perception of the whole unit. It is advisable to either go for a big or small bathroom. The oversized tiles and mosaic-style tiling tend to make the unit appear bigger.


The storage unit is one of the largest space-consumers in the bathroom. This depends on the selection of the cabinets, shelves and the cupboards. You should ask yourself whether you need the storage before incorporating it in the unit. It is advisable at some points since you can store essential toiletries and cosmetics. In case you may think of storage, just let it be integrated into what already exists in the bathroom. This will depend on your creativity or even skills.