Taking Care of Your Uneven Breasts

Taking Care of Your Uneven Breasts

Since the starting of time, women have been considered attractive based on their breasts. The fuller the busts are, the better the lady. The breasts of every woman are different in their size as well as their shape. Extremely smaller breasts can lower the self-esteem of a woman and even ruin her physical appearance. On the other hand, huge breasts become painful and uncomfortable. These are actually not formed that way by nature but become so due to abnormalities which can occur because of hormonal imbalance, excessive weight or any disease.


In case you are interested in knowing more about the abnormal breasts and their corrective measures, go on:

  • The oversized breasts

Large, oversized breasts make women uncomfortable and they start feeling self-conscious about them. The clothes they purchase do not fit them in a proper way. Moreover, the weight of your pendulous breasts cause pain the upper back and the shoulders and can also lead to skin rashes under the breasts.

  • The surgical methods to reduce your overly large breasts

One can opt for the reduction surgery or mammoplasty which can effectively resolve this abnormality.


  • The undersized breasts

Almost negligible or underdeveloped breasts cause a woman’s self-esteem to collapse. Women with small busts often find themselves feeling inferior. They are unable to wear swimsuits or other revealing outfits as they are embarrassed over their flat chest.

  • The surgical methods to make your bust fuller

One can go for the breast augmentation. This surgery makes the breasts larger, fuller and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Loose breasts

Frequent weight fluctuations, multiple child births, aging and nursing can loosen the breast tissue. The tissue stretches and couples with gravity to droop the breasts and make them appear soggy.

  • Surgical methods to tighten your breasts

A surgical procedure called as breast lift or mastopexy removes excess skin and gives them a young look.


  • Uneven breasts

While uneven breasts are common in a lot of women, some have one breast more profoundly noticeable than the other. This is a common problem in breastfeeding mothers. Sometimes, the difference is more than a cup size.

  • Surgical methods to make breasts even

Women who have noticeably asymmetrical busts can undergo augmentation or boob reduction surgery to make them even.


These are just some common problems. If you find that your busts have lost their firmness, you can settle in for a cosmetic surgery. The aforementioned procedures are quite expensive in UK, Australia, USA or Canada. However, similar procedures done in Mexico, Costa Rica and other Asian countries can be quite economical.


Before proceeding with any such operation or surgical procedure, you must consult your family doctor. He will be able to guide you in a better direction.