Steps on How to Prevent Diabetes

The cases of diabetes are rising significantly with every passing day. 95% of the victims are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Despite that the development of the disease is inevitable to some people; the highlighted steps below can be used to prevent the prevalence of the condition in a majority of individuals. Essentially, before diabetes type 2 develops fully, one has to go through a pre-diabetes stage. This is where symptoms are visible and if ignored, it progresses to full brown diabetes.


Overweight individuals are at high risk of acquiring diabetes as compared to others. In this case, you should reduce the amount of food consumed in order to be able to lose weight fast. To take the edge of hunger pains, drink a glass of plain water or any drink which is sugar-free before major meals.


The other important step to implement is to reduce the amount of daily fat you consume in your diet. Instead of frying, grill or bake foods. Other meals to consume are the low-fat spreads and those with reduced fat content.


You should check the gylcemic index of the foods that you consume. This will help you to maintain your blood-sugars level thus preventing the full onset of diabetes.


At a single day, you should drink at least eight glasses of drinking water. The best way to undertake this is by a keeping a bottle of water with you to every place you go. You will be surprised how much you in a day if you sip constantly.


For those who have the feelings of being pecky or craving for starchy substances resort to the healthy snacks instead of others like chocolate bars.


Use skimmed rather than full-fat milk in hot drinks.


Maintain a daily routine of exercising the body. In case you are not used to them, you should commence in moderation to avoid injuring the body. You can start with a 15 minute walk on daily basis.


All of these action points are also the ones that diabetics are advised to take - if you take them now you might possibly prevent irreparable damage to your health.