Selecting the appropriate weight lifting gloves for optimized performance


Selecting the appropriate weight lifting gloves for optimized performance


If you perform weight exercises for workouts, then you must have observed that lifting weight for loner time periods hurt your hands. You may develop blisters and acute soreness. Thus, it is important to wear weight lifting gloves. This way, you do not need to suffer from friction and your gloves will sustain the detrimental aftermaths of weight lifting.



Gloves not only solve the problem of blister development and soreness, they also protect hands with delicate skin. This makes them extremely beneficial for ladies who lift weights. Gloves also prevent accidents by not letting the equipments such as dumbbells and barbells from slipping due to sweat.



The weight lifting gloves come in different sizes and brands. All manufactures have their own specific features which set them apart from other brands. Thus, it is important to know your needs before you buy one.



Some of the things which you should keep in mind before purchasing weight lifting gloves


  • Material


This is one of the most important aspect before buying a pair of gloves. You need to select a material which is comfortable as well as long lasting so that you may focus on yout workout rather than the comfort of your hands. This can be found in the gloves made from neoprene. Most weightlifters recommend this over leather and nylon. Nylon does not assist you much in securing the grip and leather gloves do not have enough padding for minimizing the pressure on your palms. Moreover, leather absorbs all the heat generated. This keeps your hands hot and causes profound sweating.



  • Size


Chose gloves which fit your hands comfortably. When you wear them, your fingers should be able to move without resisting and your hands must open and close comfortably. The gloves should be snug but they must be tight as it will constrict your hands. Before buying, try the pair to get a better feel on your hands.



  • Wrist support


Weight lifting requires repetitive movements which involve heavy wrist action. It is wise to consider gloves which provide wrist support. It not only supports the wrist but also prevents any kind of mishap such as accidental slipping and bending of wrist.



To find out what pair of gloves suit you perfectly, you can either shop online or in the local stores near you. It is advisable to seek local goods as you can try the gloves on before buying. You can see them first hand and buy the pair which suits your need. However, online shopping may give you more variety as well as a provision to compare prices over different sites; all from the comfort of your home.



It is important to keep in mind the budget you have set aside for your gloves. It plays a major part into consideration. If you are just starting weight-lifting or if you are planning only to do simple workouts, you may go for an economical pair. However, if you are a player or a trainer, then you must not compromise the quality.



Keeping the above points in mind will help you in finding a good pair of lifting gloves in all aspects.