Role Play: Doing It the Right Way

Role Play: Doing It the Right Way

There is hardly anything more arousing and erotic than indulging in role playing with your partner. Both of you can be anyone you want. It is a golden opportunity for acting out your deepest and sexiest fantasies and that too, together. On one hand, it is an adventurous experience which you will thoroughly enjoy; on the other hand, it is an extremely intimate bonding moment for you and your soul mate. It can bring you so much closer and can spice up your marriage in the fun way.  If you feel the need to rekindle the old heat, switching to role play can work wonders for you.


While a lot of us have deep fantasies about these kinds of kinky things in bedrooms, not a lot of couples get to experience this. Most of us suffice ourselves by seeing these on movies and reading in books. Embarrassment, nervousness and a lack of experience usually act as hindrances for couples. Time and again, one partner may try giving a half-hearted attempt to role playing but will usually stop short due to the other partner being shy, awkward and uncomfortable.  But, get this, it might be a little maladroit at first, it may also seem foolish but once you come out of your shell, it will become fun and thoroughly enjoyable.


One of the hardest things is staying in character. You have to be committed or else the moment will be lost. Dressing is another important aspect.


Before you put that crazy costume on, there are a few things which you and your partner should discuss:


1. What is the level of comfort between both of you?

The thought of being in character might be a little intimidating if you have never explored it before. Discuss with your partner casually before you decide to get on with it. Express your desires and thoughts and why you think role play will be a good idea. Ensure that you both are aware of each other’s opinions and comfort levels. If your partner is shy of something like this, find a common middle ground where you explore this dimension and try taking it up from there.


2. Pre-planning for role playing

When you sit back and talk about your upcoming encounter, ponder upon the characters you like in books and movies. Try taking up roles which are completely different from your own personalities. For instance, you could be dominant if you are submissive in real life. You can opt for exploring different era periods such as medieval, 60s etc. There is no restriction on creativity and the boundaries that you can set for you and your spouse. Some of the most popular characters which you can take up are Police and Civilian, Student and Teacher, Boss and Assistant and so on.


3. Details are crucial

Once you pick up the characters, you then pick up situation and the place. Costumes make it easy and real. For the added dimension, you can give specifics to your play. Inquire about the different horizons and dimensions your character can have. It will definitely give you the perks during the act.


4. The props and costume pieces

You can get great deals on clothes at your local thrift shops and costume stores. The fun gifts stores will provide you with the added paraphernalia which can add fire to your setting. Have fun but keep your budget on mind.


5. Mark boundaries

This is another important step that you must consider before you move in with your role play. Do not judge, make fun or laugh on your partner. Just go with the flow. Do not deny what the other person is trying for you. After all, he/she went out of bounds to please you. Just play along and you might end up loving this side of your partner.


To sum up, the end result is going to surprise you. You will come out as a more adventurous, bonded and fun loving. The most special feeling will be that you will be experiencing this with someone you care for the most.