The Pros and Cons of Premarital Sex

The Pros and Cons of Premarital Sex


While a lot of cultures categorize the pre marital sex as a stigma, today’s generation is not afraid to experiment. They are more inclined towards their raw streaks of personality rather than waiting for the right time to act. The trait to act on impulse is more common now-a-days as compared to weighing one’s options and then acting upon it. The same goes for the relationships today. They start impulsively and end abruptly. The concept of love is lost and more emphasis is to satisfy one’s primal urges.


Plus, the advent of technology has made things so much simpler. With easy access to internet, articles related to fornication and its procedures, pornography with women and men in it who literally promote it and lack of foresightedness are giving births to curious minds waiting to experiment. Mostly, it is the desire to get peer approval that causes premarital sex in teenagers. In cases of adults, it is mostly to satisfy the carnal desires via casual encounters. However, there are certain repercussions of every action. This can be extrapolated to having sex before marriage. If things turn out well, the encounter becomes a beautiful memory, however, mostly it is the other way around. People who indulge in the acts without thinking are hurt in more damaging ways imaginable.



It would certainly spark off a debate to put the premarital sex in the category of either taboo or an overrated act. There are both good as well as bad sides to having pre-marital sex.


So, before taking such a massive decision, you must consider all these aspects:


  • Sex with the spouse to be

Young people who are likely to get married often indulge in sex. This determines the compatibility of the partner in bed. Sex has an instrumental role in marriage. Your desire to marry your partner could be strengthened if you both are sexually compatible.


  • Sex increases the closeness

If you and your partner are really looking forward to a long time commitment, then it is not wrong to get bonded physically. It certainly increases the closeness between two people. It is the utmost union a person can acquire with another human being. So, indulging in this pleasurable act is certainly going to do you wonders. You are able to establish a marriage like bond with your partner which helps you in the long run. Also, the mutual trust for each other and a sense of responsibility towards the other person increases.


  • Pre marital sex leads to advanced maturity

Once you have sexual intercourse, your body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. So, if you are still in the growing phase, your body can become disfigured or can become hormonally imbalanced. A lot of teenagers who do not practice patience or hurry to have sex face problems such as hormonal imbalance, allergies, swelling up of genital areas and contraction of STDs.


  • Misinformed acts of sexual activity can be harmful

Young people are curious and agile. They want to experience everything before coming the right age. As a result, they take impulsive actions based on little or no knowledge. As no one is going to allow them to have sex in a young age, they experiment with whatever they learnt from television and books. Sometimes, this is not enough. Performing misinformed acts of sex can cause injuries, contract STDs and cause both physical and mental exhaustion.


  • Casual sex, not so much fun!

Young minds are naive and innocent. They are unaware of the ways of the world. Often, girls and boys come in contact of people who exploit them. They can take photos and make blue films which are sold over the web and porn markets. This can cause a lot of embarrassment to the victim. He or she can become deeply depressed and take lethal steps. So, it is not so much fun to sleep around with every single date. Choose and live wisely, for your actions have far more serious repercussions then you can imagine.