Prevention of the cabin fever

Prevention of the cabin fever


Regardless of whether you live in the Land of Midnight Sun or where people are eagerly waiting for the football season to commence, the contagious cabin fever lurks in the extremes of darkness. A majority of people in the States suffer from polar vortex.

It is better to keep yourself indoors when it is cold outside. However, all the time spent indoors can take a toll on your mental health. People usually experience the notorious cabin fever. The term is idiomatic and was first recorded in 1918. It occurs as a claustrophobic reaction which takes place to a person or a group which is shut in a small space for an extended period and they have nothing to do. The individuals suffering from this can become extremely irritable and restless. The person may also tend to sleep, distrust everyone around them and can have an urge to go outside despite dark, rain, snow or hail.

The condition is not medically diagnosable but it can be cured via some simple methods. The easiest way is to relocate to greener pastures. Moving into greener habitat immediately changes the mental health of a person and the positive effects can last up to three years after the move. But moving is not such an easy task; it is not feasible as well.


Try using these techniques to get rid of cabin fever:

  • Diet change

If you are able to change your diet, you can stay away from cabin fever well up to summers. The studies have shown that the Lean proteins which have high Omega-3 acids an help lift up moods. A lot of foods such as wild salmon and beef are also rich in B12 and Vitamin D which control the emotional well being.

  • Indoor hobby

If you are able to use the indoor space actively, the walls may stop from closing in. With a little creativity, your home can turn into an indoor fun zone. You can try turning your living room to a miniature golf course. There is no wrong time for the little child inside you. You can try your hands at a little crafting, knitting, building birdhouse and doing other such stuff. Keeping your mind engaged into something is the best way to beat the winter blues. Besides, what is more comforting that a coffee and a good book inside your blanket?

  • Exercise to keep fit

Keeping your body fit is another awesome way to spend the time indoors. You can exercise, do Yoga or even make love to your significant other. All these physical activities increase serotonin levels in the brain, thereby keeping you fit.

  • The sunshine eventually

Once the weather is not so harsh, you can go outside and get some air and sunlight. Even if it is only your face, being outside during winters makes the sunlight reach you. The body produces Vitamin D which uplifts your mood instantly. The UV therapy is also a commn treatment for SAD. If the weather permits, you can go for some winter sports such as skiing, snowshoeing, ice hockey and the never ending building snowman.


Staying indoors can be a perfect time for your family to develop that bond and come closer. Come up with activities which involve everyone. This way, the cabin fever will be at bay and you will have memories to cherish.