Popular Myths and Urban Legends

Popular Myths and Urban Legends


Myths are traditional ancient stories which deal with supernatural, heroes and ancestors. They serve as fundamental worldview of people. Myths serve the purpose to account for the origin story of something, for accounting to aspect of the world beyond and for delineating the customs, ideals and psychology of a society.


Legends, on the other hand, are traditional tales which are handed down the past and seem to have some historical basis.


Let us take a look at some of the world’s best loved legends and myths:

  • Robin Hood of Nottingham

All of us are familiar with this. Robin Hood was the outlawed hero and an expert archer. He robbed the rich people to feed the poor. Little is known as the facts though. His hideout is supposedly the Major Oak, an ancient tree in the Sherwood Forests.

  • Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin, Scotland

This medieval church located outside Edinburgh boasts of long standing legacy to Knights Templar as well as Freemasonry. The cravings which are full of symbolism can be seen sprouting out from every surface and are popularly referred to as essays in stone. A wide number of people believe that the chapel acts as repository for the Holy Grail.

  • Jack the Ripper of East London

The notorious serial killer, Jack or Jack the Ripper as he is commonly known stems out from a true tale. He was responsible for the brutal murder of five London Escort Workers in 1888. His identity remains mysterious though. A lot of speculations have been founded on the belief such as on the sketch artist Walter Sickert and author Lewis Carroll.  

  • The Stonehenge in Salisbury

The most famous megaliths of our times, the Stonehenge monument is located in Salisbury. Stonehenge literally translates to “big stone” and dates back to almost 50,000 years. There are wilde speculations of it being a place for ritual sacrifices to sun worship to massive calendar. The monument remains shrouded in fog for its purpose but the creation itself is awe-inspiring.

  • Bloody Mary

This is one of the most popular urban legends of all. It is widely recited over at sleepovers amongst school children. According to the legend, if you turn off the lights and then look in a mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” three times, you can summon the spirit of Mary Worth who was executed for supposedly being a witch.

  • The Good Samaritan

This legend has been circulating for years. It narrates the story of a motorist who when sees the flat tire of someone on the side of the road, helps him fix. The person whose tire was flat asks for the details of the motorist. Weeks later, he receives a reward of $10,000 in him mail. The story has been attributed to a large number of celebrities such as Donald Trump.

  • The alligators in your sewer

This is another popular urban legend doing rounds in New York.  It states that several alligators were brought from Florida and were kept as pets in NYC. However, they become big and violent and finally escaped in the sewers where they made their nests. This took form of a sensational story but after a lot of thorough search missions, was ruled out to be completely untrue.