Ouch! Hair Removal Trends, Types and Costs

The removal of unwanted hair has become the latest beauty craze that is hitting the market. Hair removal has been around since time immemorial. Statistics have come in that about 50 percent of the male folk and a majority 80 percent of the female folk would like to get their unwanted hair removed.  The latest trend in removing unwanted hair has come in the name of laser hair removal. People have come up with various reasons to removing unwanted hair. They center around three factors being 


1. Getting rid of unwanted hair with less pain.


2. Removing the hair without spending much. 


3. Moderate hair re-growth.


There are three processes that are used to remove unwanted hair.  Each of these processes comes with an associated advantage, side effect and also a price tag to it. For a long time, thee processes that have been used include electrolysis and shaving. The down side about these methods is that it takes a lot of time and is associated with a lot of pain. Laser hair removal has become of great benefit to people who are seeking to get rid of unwanted hair.  The three methods of removing unwanted hair are categorized under the following headings.


For a Temporary effect, we use; Tweezing, Shaving, Epilators (either mechanical or electrical) and Chemical Depilatories


For Dwindling Amounts Of hair, we use; Waxing and Sugaring (this tends to reduce hair growth over time)


To deal with the situation permanently, then we use: Electrolysis (Hair Electrology) and Laser Hair Removal.


The cost of the treatment ranges depending on the specialist and method involved.  Shaving can range from $1-$25 for the razors and additional supplies. Barbers or professional shavers range their costs from about $5-$30. Waxing is now a more popular rather than sugaring. This costs about $25-$75 for a home use kit and around $20-$200 for professional waxing.


Lasers are generally the most expensive needing several thousand dollars for repeated treatments and vary according to how much of the body is to be treated.


You can also opt for Hair removal creams such as Ultra Hair Removal, Emjoi Hair Removal System and Tend Skin. These are available in stores and can be ordered online. However you need to be very careful while buying the products on line. Make sure you consult an expert who knows which product is suitable for your skin type and the location of the hair to be removed.  Use www.HairFacts.com to find scams dealing with hair beauty products.