Organic remedies for heartburn and acid reflux

Use of organic remedies that rebalance the stomach is among the surest way of treating heartburn and acid reflux cases.Organic remedies for heartburn and acid reflux.           Described below are some of the remedies that can be used to achieve the effect.




Apart from treating various pastries, cinnamon has several medicinal uses. It was used historically for treating flu’s and colds due to its antiseptic nature. It has also the ability to fight Candida albicans hence treating candidacies and also the ability to balance the acid levels in the stomach. Below is the simple way of using cinnamon to treat heartburns.


- Toast raisin bread


- Butter the raisin bread


- Sprinkle cinnamon on the bread


While eating the bread, you should chew slowly before swallowing so as to give sufficient time to your digestive juices to break it down.


Grapefruit skins


The organic grapefruit should only be the product of choice. Below is what to do to achieve the effect of settling acid reflux condition.


- Grate the whole outer covering of the organic grapefruit.


-  Spread them out on a flat dish to dry.


-  Allow them sufficient time to get crinkly dry.


-  Store them in a glass jar or zip lock bag.


When heartburn or acid reflux sets in the body then chew the strips of the dried grapefruit which will settle in your stomach. However, you should eat just a few of them and proceed evaluating the functionality. .


Romaine Lettuce


This organic remedy can be used to eliminate an acid reflux or heartburn condition. It is high in minerals and has an alkaline nature. You need to do the following;


-  Buy an organic romaine lettuce preferably the head.


-  Wash it in distilled water.


-  Cut up the leaves and place them in a blender


-  Make slurry by adding cold drinking water


-  Give it a taste by adding a small amount of honey


You should drink a maximum of 8 oz to relief acid reflux in the stomach.


Mace, Nutmeg, and Slippery Elm


This is a type of natural remedy that uses nutmeg and mace. It has a history of treating digestion problems, acid stomach, acid reflux, heartburn, gas and vomiting. 


Heartburn and acid reflux require alkaline nutrients to provide relief and cure.  The above four organic elements will give you the necessary relief if prepared as indicated. You can try them and find out their significance.