Oiling the Old Friendships for New Memories!

Oiling the Old Friendships for New Memories!


Unlike your relatives who are thrust upon you, you can choose your friends! Our old friends are like pairs of comfortable shoes. You can place them in a closet, always knowing that they are available for unseen, extended time periods. When they are worn eventually, you feel surprised at how good they feel and how well they gel with our feet. After some time, it is as if they never left us for even a minute. Similarly, just thinking about an old friend gives us thrills. We remember the times and memories we shared and how they became an important and indispensible part of our life.


So much of our past has been shaped by the person we meet over the years. Every individual who walks for some time with us in our life impacts us differently. They shape us differently and we owe them a significant part of our lives.


But, as we move forward, we get engrossed in what we do. We tend to get indulged in the daily structure of our lives and in its minutiae. Following structure is not bad; it keeps us focused and preps us up for growth. The downside to this is that we strain our peripheral vision. While acting for tomorrow, looking ahead and thinking about the future, we fail to observe anything other than the direct line of sight. We meet new people, find new relationships and thus, we forget our old acquaintances which help us become the people we are today. However, it must not be forgotten that friends are for life!


One of the blessings of having old friends which is immeasurable is their ability to keenly express anecdotes which are long forgotten. They give personal observations and help us contemplate over ourselves. They are more than mere connections to our past’s history; they are providential deconstructions of our very being. Old friends have the ability to penetrate our soul, unveil our true selves to the world and then gently put us back as a better person.


Old friends are never judgemental because they have seen us transforming and becoming into the people we are today. They share with us without any social imposition or any work constraints. The sight of a dear friend and all those silly anecdotes, embarrassing stories, laughs and memories come forth as reverie.


There are simple things you can do which can revive that old magical time with your friends. After all, friendship is nothing but small moments cemented by trust, love and laugh.



  • Remember your friend’s birthday. Make sure your calendars are marked with the birthdays of your old friends and always call them on their birthday. Holidays and other events such as anniversary etc are other great occasions to remind your friend that you have not forgotten them.




  • Don’t forget your friends on Christmas. At least, a greeting card must be present if you cannot physically meet them.



  • Another great way to catch up with your friends is a mailing group. It is a good idea to keep a mailing list where you can forward amusing emails and other interesting stuff. This way your friends can stay in touch with you even though you all may be miles apart.


  • Social media is another interesting way to keep up with all your friends. It is not possible to regularly call all your friends and talk to them. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ensure that you can see what your friends are up to in their lives.


It is much easier to revive old relations rather than forming new relations from scratch. Try calling some of the special ones every once in a while and catch up. This will not only make you feel light but will also never leave you lonely and feeling blue.


It may be so that your old friends may not recognise your efforts in the beginning. You may not get the same response from them. Do not feel downhearted. When they will realise your efforts, they will also do their bit to help with the friendship to make it last longer.