Management of body weight during pregnancy

Having a baby is not a cheap task as many may perceive it to be. It’s only the mothers who know perfectly well what to expect during such moments. As much as there is joy and happiness other downsides too originate with this condition. The surprises tend to be significant if it is the first time of delivery. Good examples of the surprises include weight gain and other myriad statements about it. Managing weight during pregnancy is something that should begin during the initial stages. More still, some women think that it is the time to consume varieties of foods thinking that it is good for the baby only for them to add weight uncontrollably.


Basically, weight gain should not take place during the first pregnancy trimester because the fetus is significantly small at that period. For women of average height and weight, gaining of extra body mass should begin at the second to third trimester with a maximum of 1 pound per week. The weight gain should be less for obese individuals ranging 0.6 pounds per week. It is recommended to take into account the nutritional requirements of the baby while still monitoring the body weight. Here below are some of the health tips to help get started and sustain you with an average body weight.


The first thing is to enhance effective nourishment of the body. It is advisable to make adjustments to the diet by keeping the nutritional value of the food high but monitoring the weight gain. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a number of changes which may remain permanent if precautions are not taken. Junk foods should be avoided at all costs. The recommendable diets involve lean protein, fibre fruits, green vegetables, whole grains and dairy products. The body will regulate itself by reducing the size of the stomach as the baby keeps on growing. The hydration level should also be maintained by taking adequate amounts of water thus avoiding blood pressure problems.


Secondly, try as much as possible to stay energized. Sleep is therapeutic during this period and it promotes effective weight management. A small sleep deficit can result to great mental problems like depression, compromised immune system and lack of proper focus. Unluckily, not all the pregnancy mothers get enough sleep due to the uncomforting body changes. It is good to enlist the help of other household members so as to be able to get sufficient sleep. Maximizing the periods of rest and taking cat-naps is crucial since it maintains the body energy.


Exercises are also important for a healthy body during pregnancy. They help to control weight thus keeping the individual fit. It is not necessarily going to the gym but just taking walks or doing simple tasks in the garden. The point of concern here is to make sure that the action being done is enjoyable. Bits of yoga can too reduce stress and concentrate your energy. It is god to practice a daily routine of doing stretches and poses immediately after waking up to enhance tissue elasticity and promote energy bursts. Others include doing meditative exercises before sleeping.