Inculcating a Positive Lifestyle


Negative thoughts can invade your senses while you cope up with the struggles of life. However, your true worth can only be shown when you remain positive and pave your way through all the odds. All you need to beat the desperation, the despair and the disappointment is a focused mindset. It will take time to settle the dips, however, in the end it will be worth the effort. Like they say, stay strong. It may be stormy now but it won’t rain forever.



Adopting a positive philosophy of a glass half full can help you manage stress; your overall physiological and psychological well-being and can add joy to your monotonous lifestyle. Being a positive individual doesn’t mean that you have developed an escape route to all the difficult feelings, it simply means that you have learnt to control the way you look at things. Your changed perspective will shift the things so that you are able to obtain the message behind the discomfort and experience happiness and peace.


All of us have different personality traits. So, we tend to work differently. Just select what gets you going and shift towards focusing on them.

  • Anger is never a solution. Do not try to solve any problem in the moment of heat. When negative emotions are high, situation can seem overwhelming and escalating. Retrace your steps back, take a few deep breaths and gain your composure. You may need to take some time off from the situation completely. Focus on something which soothes your nerves and came back with a fresh perspective. The results will astound you.
  • Practice meditation. Deep breathing actually helps you cool down easily and control your anger. It is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating tactics for stress relieving. Moreover, you can practice it anywhere as well as anytime. Let your body take in the fresh air, it will certainly do you good.
  • In today’s world, we have become stoned professionals who do not know how to smile. Thinking of something you love helps you practice smiling. It is hard to be angry when you feel good and are smiling. The facial muscles relax and natural hormones produced ensure that the vibrations generated are positive. This reduces the transpiration rate of your heart and allows you to move forward in the positive direction.
  • Sometimes, you become helpless. You find yourself utterly in despair over the smallest of issues and experience trouble handling difficult situations. HAVE FAITH! Know that there is more to this life than all the trouble and that you are a part of the grand scheme of things. This will prevent you from being lost and generate positive emotions.
  • By nature, every human being is judgemental. While one individual may do something because he thinks it is the right path to follow, the other person may not approve of it, simply because it doesn’t match his ideologies. However, one must always remember that no one can control other people. Try thinking from the perspective of the other person. Step in his shoes and then decide. While things may not sound as good to you, you still must forgive people. What a person is experiencing can be someone else’s cup of tea as well some day. So, while you may not be able to control a person’s actions, you can certainly control the way you shape your opinion about them. By forgiving a person, you lessen your own burden. On the other hand, you only carry an emotional baggage with yourself which keeps you heavy, in case you do not forgive.
  • Sometimes, the mind may give you ideas which are logical. If you feel emotionally drained out, listen to your heart! Open up to deeper meanings of why a situation has been given to you. Sometimes, the best solution to handle frustration is to understand the situations in a better way. Many a times, when you feel yourself lost, you must introspect for a greater reason towards things. Try finding that inner hope which is driving you towards the solution. This will help you make peace with your situation or help you acclimatize to it.


Preaching is easy. If you still need to figure out how to achieve the aforementioned things, here are some tips:


ü  Keep your dreams and inspirations alive. They make you who you are. Aiming for them would help you stride in the positive direction.


ü  Spend time with kids. This will help you to forget your problems for a while and feel yourself years younger. Their innocence will rejuvenate you and fill you with enthusiasm.



ü  Develop a habit of reading. Read motivational books which inspire you and help you tackle the trifles of life.


ü  Inculcate a healthy lifestyle. Exercise on a regular basis and consume healthy food. This will ensure that you stay active the whole day and are brimming with positive energy.


ü  Proper rest is of utmost importance. Sleep soundly at least for six hours a day. This will prevent lethargic attitude and fill you with positivity.