Helping Children Cope up Relocation

Helping Children Cope up Relocation


While moving to a new address is not easy for adults, it is especially difficult for a child. The natural stress can be compounded by excess anxiousness if the move is international. It can be stressful but as parent, you must be able to help your children cope up with the move. With a little thought and planning, you can minimize this trauma of relocation of your child from one to another location. You can help them get involved in packing which can ease the tensions and stress caused by relocation.


Here are some quick fixes that you can perform to convert the stressful environment to a cheerful one:


·         Explain why relocating to this new place is necessary. The reaction of every child will be different so, you must accept what they have to say. Respond accordingly. If a child shows resentment, do not get irritated. Let the anger cool off and then help him see reason.


·         Time and plan your move carefully. A number of psychiatrists agree that the child must be given time to finish up with things. He should be allowed to finish up with the school and must have ample time to wish good bye to his peers. The moving should be done in the early summer so that the child becomes acquainted with the new surroundings.


·         You must spend quality time with your child on the web before the move. Let him learn all about the new place. Attract the child in him by showing him the local zoo, museum and other attractions which will catch his eyes.


·         Allow your child to pack up all his special things and possessions. This will make his room familiar and help him adjust quickly.


·         If you have already purchased a place, you can introduce your kids to it by providing information, photos and maps on the place. Use Google Earth to show the place to your children. Make them feel excited about the move.


·         Plan a going away party for your child. Invite all his friends and ask them to advice the child on starting his first day at his new school.


·         You can make the relocation fun by spending a night in hotel with pools and kid friendly restaurants.


·         Ask your children to redecorate their rooms. You can ask them to choose what kind of paint they want in their room and which bedspread they want. This will take their mind away from the move and help them settle in.


Once you are at your new place, you can start exploring the city with your kids. This will make them acquainted with the surroundings and help them become acclimatized to it.