Headaches and computers

Long typing hours on a computer have been known to create chronic migraine headaches. This is something under investigation because some people still argue that computer screens cannot cause headaches. Manipulating and adjusting the neck seems to be the treatment for headaches especially when one seeks chiropractor interventions. They usually argue that most of the headaches are a result of problems dealing with the neck and adjusting the beck will provide pain relieving actions.


A good percentage of patients who have received chiropractic treatment have indicated cure ranging from minor improvements to full elimination of the headache pain. In case this is proven scientifically then it is worthy concluding that most of the headaches are just caused by neck problems. Both migraine and tension headaches could be eliminated if only the cause of neck problems was well known and eliminated. Experts in Medicare argue that a normal neck should have a slight curve in it. But according to studies, a number of the patients with chiropractor needs had lessening of the curve, others with no curve and many with curves that were reversed. Nevertheless, most of these poor neck curvatures indicated great improvements when they were treated with chiropractic adjustments.


Poor neck postures are proven to cause headaches and so is the case with sitting at computer screens for long hours. As long as sitting will alter the posture of the neck, then there is no doubt that they will lead to headaches. Poor posture habits are known to result to poor neck curvatures. Any activity done by a person that places the head forward in conjunction with the body will lessen or alternate the normal neck curvature. Headaches will then result from the poor neck curvature.  This is what chiropractors have been teaching people for long.


A number of activities that can result to poor neck curvatures include: sitting at computer screens for long hours, bending the head forward while reading, slouching in a chair or couch while seated, having the neck or head adopting odd position while sleeping. It is proven beyond reproach that headaches can be caused as a result of sitting at computers. The abnormal curvature made during such sitting positions is responsible for causing abnormal neck curvatures resulting to subsequent headaches.


However, migraine and tension headaches have several remedies that can treat them. Some of the remedies include: tension and stress reducers, ice therapies, avoidance of food triggers, good amount of rest, use of headache pillows, biofeedback and exercise.