Governmental Grants for Single Parents

Governmental Grants for Single Parents


It is very difficult for a single parent to make the ends meet while working as the sole bread earner of the family as well as raising a child, all on their own. However, considering helping the parents in need, government in the United States has provided assistance in the form of grants to ease the financial strain. There are a number of aids and packages available today which assist you in getting back to school and get a job which pays better. Some of these grants help parents with medical expenses, bearing through the winter season and paying off rents or even purchasing a house.


However, you must fulfil certain conditions before you become eligible for these grants.

These conditions are:

1.      You must be a valid citizen of the United States Of America,

2.      You should have a valid social security number,

3.      You must be a present resident in the states, and;

4.      You must have a valid proof of having custody of a minor child or children.


Types of grants available


  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

The TANF bureau offers governmental grants for parents who are raising their kids single handed so as to provide better homing environment for the child. It also assists the parents in polishing their job skills and in building stronger family units.


  • Child Care and Development Fund

The CCDF is a nationwide assistance aid which is personally administered by the state governments. Every state has its own eligibility as well as requirements criteria. Make sure you are aware of your state’s social service regulations to be eligible for CCDF.


In order to be eligible for this grant, you must be a single parent who is in need of a child care so that he or she may work, attend a degree school or get trained for a job. You must have income lower than the poverty limit as issued by your state. The most important aspect is that you must have children younger than 13 years or they must be kids with special needs or other types of court supervisions.


  • Medicaid

This is another excellent governmental grant for single parents. A lot of families can qualify for this grant. It is widely available as well. The benefits of Medicaid cover kids and teenagers, pregnant females, old aged people and disabled and blind people.



  • Section 8 Voucher

The Section 8 Voucher Program is another benefit grant for single parents. The vouchers are type of grants by government which allows single parents to improve their living standards by transitioning on a more affordable housing. It is administrated at the local level as well. It offers subsidies on the difference of money a single parent can afford and the actual fee for rent.


So, now that you have all the basics, you can start exploring these great grants. Understanding how these aids can assist you can impact both your life and your family’s well being to a great extent.