Gaining Height After 18


It is a common misconception that a person is not able to increase his height once he has stopped growing. However, it is actually possible to grow taller once you’ve hit maturity. It is true that in most of the cases, the bones of an individual stop growing after 18, but there are some natural methods which will aid you in increasing your height. However, you will have to strive hard to achieve your goals.


The Martial Arts- Kung Fu

The Martial arts train you on focusing your postures. These help in the long run in increasing your height. The effect will not be drastic but yes, it will be noticeable in some time. As the individual becomes more aware of his posture, he aids his body to help in developing taller bones. Moreover, Kung Fu provides you strength to keep you upright. This helps you in standing taller after the development of bones. Not only Kung Fu but also Karate helps in the cause as it too focuses on the posture part.



Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise regime which combines the meditation and exercising to develop a positive body language. The numerous postures of yoga such as the tadasan, the chakrasan and the ardhchakrasan help you in increasing your height. However, you need to practice these under the supervision of your trainer for almost a year before you observe any significant changes in your height.


Stretching exercises which directly increase height

These are by far the most effective solutions to increasing height after 18. They help in height gain by up to 2 inches. These exercises include the Scorpion Tail Stretch and the Standing Pencil Stretch. What they essentially do is increase the spaces between the vertebrae in the spinal column. These spaces are then filled with the extra joint cartilages. Thus, height is increased. These exercises also reduce the back problems in the old age. You may consult your instructor on more exercises which help in height gain.


Apart from these, if you are looking for some faster solutions, try these:

  • Increase the height of the soles of your shoes. These will make you look taller.
  • Wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones. These will make you appear thinner and taller. 
  • Consume foods which are rich in manganese, zinc and phosphorus.


There are also surgical options available but they are expensive and risky. The best methods are to settle for natural ones. These will demand hard work and rigorous exercising but will yield healthy results. Expect to devote at least 20 minutes each day for the next 3 to 4 months to attain decent results. It may seem tough but if you stay motivated, there will be no glitches.