Finding a Good Handyman

Finding a Good Handyman

It is very tricky to find a good handyman. This is especially a headache when you have less time and there are a lot of pending tasks. Good handymen are able to offer a variety of services and can assist you in a number of smaller jobs where you need specialized skills or tools. Unfortunately, sourcing someone who is reliable and offers quality is a herculean task.


Here is how you can go about finding the right handyman for your job:

  • Sourcing your handyman

You can ask around for a good handyman from your friends, family and neighbours. You could also go online and search for job skills and services which you require. The reviews, testimonials and the years of experience will definitely help you in finding the right person for your job. Additionally, you can also look in the yellow pages.

  • Screening for the right person

Since you are shelling out money from your pocket, you should not compromise. Do not settle out for lower quality if you can find the right person with a little more effort. Read the online reviews carefully. Chances are that you will be disappointed by a handyman who has multiple negative online reviews. Search reliable sites such as, and Google Place for helpful hints on your shortlisted candidate. Talk to people who have used the services of the person before. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

  • Contact your handyman

Once you have finalized your person, give him a call and explain the job to be done. Do not hesitate to ask if he has prior experience pertaining to your specified work. Ask for his advice on how he would prefer tackling it. If you are satisfied, go ahead and get the job done.

  • References

Ask your handyman for references. Most workers will gladly give you the contact details of their previous clients. You can consult the about the service, quality and reliability of the person you are hiring. Cross checking the reference is a powerful tool for ensuring quality in a handyman.

  • Insurance

Ensure that your handyman has liability insurance in case of any unfortunate mishaps. Accidents do not knock before happening and it is a serious question of who will pay in case the handyman gets injured while working at your place. If the handyman is insured, the insurance company would take care of it. Thus, you can avoid awkward situations by ensuring that your handyman is insured.

  • Billable methods

There are two ways by which most handymen charge. Some charge per hour and some work per job. They latter add on the cost of any additional expenses later. To avoid surprises, clear the air before by asking the charge rates and the quote for the job upfront.


An average person can benefit by selecting a quality handyman in the local area and working along with them. As is clear, it can a little extra time to find the right guy for the job but it will certainly benefit you in the long run.