Factors Leading To Teenage Pregnancy

Factors Leading To Teenage Pregnancy


One of the most alarming issues rising in the world today is the teenage girls getting pregnant. It can be loosely defined as when a girl becomes a mother before she turns a major or an adult, as confined by the law of the government.


There are a number of reasons why teenage pregnancies occur. It also depends on a plethora of factors. Some ethnic communities all around the world celebrate teenage pregnancy as it shows that a girl is fertile and capable of bearing young ones. However, in most developed countries, it is looked upon as a social stigma.


Keeping all opinions aside, bearing a child at an unripe age is dangerous for both mother and child. A teenager is vulnerable and her body is still in the developmental phase of transforming into womanhood. Her body is fragile and the reproductive system is not yet functional. At such a time, bearing a child and giving it birth can be both mentally and physically exhaustive for her.


There are a number of reasons which inflict such agony on the blossoming girls. Let’s take a look:


  • Experimentation with sex

Teenage is a curious phase. A lot of kids experiment with things around them. This is one of the main reasons for getting pregnant in the first place. Lack of knowledge or misinformed facts can be the leading factors of unsafe sex. The consequences of unsafe sex are sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies. The onset of puberty causes hormonal changes leading to sexual desires. Combine this with rebellion and desire to be free and there is the perfect dose of sexual involvement causing unwanted pregnancies.


  • Desire for peer approval

A lot of teenage girls indulge in sexual intercourse to have their peers’ approval. The teenagers who grow up in promiscuous societies tend to date earlier than the teens growing in conventional setups. They feel the need to be a part of the social community they belong to. This tendency of being recognized as hip by their friends often lures them into doing things against their own accord. They believe that losing virginity and having sex is also a part of such cool and accepted behaviour. Such rash and impulsive actions also cause unforeseen pregnancies.


  • Failure of contraceptives

This is another fundamental reason for teen pregnancy today. No contraceptive is fully capable of preventing pregnancy. Although there are a number of birth control pills available in the market today, they do not guarantee the complete safety of being foolproof. No form of birth control is effective the moment nature decides it wants to get into action. Moreover, a lot of pregnancies are caused due to lack of information on how to use contraceptives correctly.


  • The conditions in the family

Studies have shown that the familial environment is also responsible for teen pregnancies. Women who undergo abuse or are raped by their family members often become misguided and take up wrong paths for life. These women are ahead to becoming teenage mothers. On the other hand, girls who were brought up in normal families are well-adjusted and lead a normal life.


Whatever may be the reasons, bearing a child when a girl is herself young can be traumatic and painful. It can lead to damaging the whole family as well. Steps must be taken to keep the girls informed about the disastrous consequences of such steps.