Eczema and Psoriasis - An Inexpensive and Effective Treatment

This article will work to tell the world of my testimony about a valuable yet inexpensive means of treating eczema. Though the medical community and general public  is not aware of this form of treatment, there is need to give it a try since it has worked for me and will definitely work for any average person that suffers from the ailments of eczema and psoriasis.


Eczema and psoriasis are similar when it comes to their mode of affliction. Eczema is characterized by the skin getting irritated and develops reddish, tiny blisters that can lead to the skin getting flaky and blistering.  The condition is believed to be hereditary as there are 80% chances that the offspring will get to suffer from this condition if at one time the parents were afflicted to this disease.


There was a time that I had an insurance cover that covered for whatever my doctor prescribed. I had numerous bottles that promised to get rid of my eczema and relive me of the itching but it kept coming back.  There were topical application in the form of cortisone creams that only served a limited purpose to relieve me of the itching but it only served to spread the eczema. Some people believe that eczema can be accelerated with the instance of stress and I believe it to be true. Throughout the year 2004 through 2005, I was severely stressed as I was bombarded with a severe virulent attack. I tried to get medication to it but to no avail. The only treatment that I knew was effective was getting exposed to UV light radiation which is not that cheap. There are other internal treatments that can be used but you have to take regular blood testing so as to ensure the drugs are not damaging your liver.    I could not risk this so I said a big no to this method.


At a certain time returning from an appointment with my doctor, I passed by a health food store. As I had time to burn, I popped in to meet the cashier who also happened to be a certified nutritionist. I asked her if she knew anything about eczema treatment she said yes and proceeded to produce a bottle of liquid zinc on which she told me that some of her customers had made use of topically and reported success. I got the bottle for twenty bucks and used it. To my utmost surprise, the itching disappeared and the inflammations also seemed to subside. I proceeded to taking a 75 mg. daily dose of zinc tablets and worked up to 200 mg. a day gradually. The manifestation was outstanding. If you are keen on trying out zinc internally, then I recommend "chelated" zinc as zinc is a mineral and minerals are not that easily absorbed by the body.