Easy tips for arthritis pain reprieve

Many of the victims of arthritis tend to believe that nothing can be done to get rid of the pain they experience especially when under medication. Easy tips for arthritis pain reprieve. You can make your life much easy by following easy tips that have been drafted by experts in the medical field. Below is the typical simple guideline to follow.


The first tip is to protect your joints. Keeping your joints at same sitting positions for long will aggravate the pain felt thus the need to balance your working activities and rest. In this regard, you should use the strongest joints when doing particular strenuous jobs.


Practice stretching out the joints. This should be a daily routine to every patient ailing from arthritis. It helps to warm up the muscles and tendons which are more limber and prone to tears. This helps to prevent injuries. You should spend at least 10 minutes every day stretching and engage the major muscle groups.


After physical activities, let the body to cool down. You should do this under a shaded or cool environment. When the pain flares up, you can use a spray of mist cool water or an ice pack in a towel then apply gently on the joints where there is pain or swelling.


Always be on the move.  Exercises help to reduce joint pain and increase muscle strength.  They will result to flexibility on areas of stiffness. They also help to control weight loss, manage stress and promote overall body health.


Get a massage. Resolving to massage therapy can relieve pain, soothe the sore muscles and reduce swelling. Apply oil cream on the fingers to make them gentler. You can then work on the area for 5-10 minutes every single day.


Work on keeping your weight in balance. The general feeling of overweight impacts weight bearing on the joints and aggravate the arthritis pain. According to studies, losing extra weight slows down the progression of arthritis.


In case you are experiencing pain, stiffness or swelling, it is time to get a diagnosis. Keep in mind that the types of arthritis in existence are more than 100 thus the essence of having a diagnosis to know your category. If you are prescribed with medication, ensure that you take the full dosage. Be patient because the drugs take around 6 months for effective results.


Above all, keep on educating yourself on the recent discoveries made in concern to arthritis. You  can read magazines, newspapers or even websites.


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