Controlling Dandruff in Winters

Controlling Dandruff in Winters

If you have a persistent problem of dandruff, chances are, it will escalate during winters. The cold and windy days tends to make scalp more dry, scaly and itchy. It is caused because of continuous use of hats and woolens. During winters there is dry cold air outside and warm dry air inside. It aggravates the problem as woolen caps and hats block the air circulation on the scalp, which build excessive oil on skin.


Tips for controlling dandruff

1.      Use humidifier as it restores moisture back into the air. It is a device which emits steam or water vapors to increase moisture in the air. It helps in prevention of dandruff during winters.


2.      Using hats and woolen scarves against the cold air is also one of the reasons for dandruff problems during winters. To avoid dandruff use fiber hats, the fibers allow air to flow over scalp. Wash hats and scarves with mild detergents. Harsh detergents also cause dandruff.


3.      Use of harsh hair sprays or gels should be avoided as they may cause irritation on scalp leading to dandruff.


4.      If you have a persisting problem of dandruff, choose your shampoo accordingly.


5.      Ensure that you wash your hair regularly.


6.      Eat a balanced diet, that is intact of Zinc, Vitamins B And E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and avoid excess of yeast and sugar.


Home treatments for controlling dandruff


1.      Use olive oil as it is a natural moisturizing and cleansing agent.  Lukewarm olive oil can be used for treatment of dandruff.


2.      Use aloe-vera gel to get rid of the dandruff. Leave it for 15 minutes. It is the home remedy which clarifies and repairs damaged scalp.


3.      Indian Lilac (Azadirachta indica) leaves are also useful as natural cleansing agents. They are also known for their antiseptic properties and help in washing off dandruff. 



4.      Wash your hair with hot water rather than cold water. It helps in circulation of blood through scalp and thus helps in prevention of dandruff.


5.      Using snake gourd is also beneficial for the treatment of dandruff. Juice of snake gourd should be rubbed on the scalp and then washed off.


6.      Warm oil massage is considered beneficial for treatment of dandruff. Luke warm oil massage with almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil helps controlling and even eliminating dandruff.


7.      Onion is also beneficial for the treatment of dandruff. The onion paste should be applied on scalp and then washed lukewarm water. To remove smell of onion from hair, you can apply lemon juice later.


8.      Soak fenugreek seeds in water for overnight then mash them with lukewarm oil. Apply it on scalp for 2 to 3 hours then wash it. This is also an effective technique to get rid of dandruff.


These are some of the tips and treatments for curing dandruff. Dandruff is formed by dead skin of the scalp. All one needs to do is keep the scalp clean through these small cautions and eat healthy.