Common Pregnancy Concerns

The life of a woman would not be complete if at one time she would not be able to conceive a child. Though there are several women who cannot conceive a child in the natural way under certain health circumstances, there are new ways of becoming pregnant for these women. This includes artificial insemination where fertilization is done by means of introducing a sperm into the female uterus rather than natural copulation. Other women prefer becoming, mothers by adopting children but this method takes a lot of time, paper work and also finances.


Timed pregnancy becomes of benefit to various couples in many ways. This helps in such a way that the couple comes closer and also provides a turning point through which the couple gets a new vision of life and marriage.


The period of pregnancy can be very hard especially to the woman. They have to be health conscious by eating the right kinds of foods, taking the proper exercises, resting abundantly and getting their cravings. Sometimes she might crave eating strawberry shortcake at 3 am! These cravings might look unreasonable to the husband but he should understand as this would result to making the pregnant woman happy and is therefore good for her well being.


Also, during pregnancy, the woman might develop various complications that come with the situation. These complications at times are considered normal that is if they do not go to the extreme. Take for example cramps. They range from mild to severe and this depends on the health status of the expectant mother.  During the first trimester, the woman can experience cramps during implantation. This happens from eight to ten days after the ovulation period. Another cause of cramps can come from stretching of the uterus. This happens when the uterus expands to accommodate for the growing baby.  Unfortunately, cramps can also occur on the onset of miscarriage. It also can be accompanied by bleeding or spotting especially in this case.


On the second and third trimester, cramps occur as a result of pre-term labor and during early labor. These ones are usually accompanied by back pain.


Another complication to pregnancy is nausea and vomiting.  This occurs due to hormonal and physical changes during early pregnancy. This can also occur during the sixth week of pregnancy, and happens at any time of the day. This does not mean that the woman should skip meals at any time of the day, even if one feels sick and queasy. This is essentially to give the unborn child the right amount of nutrients.