Can Pre-Ejaculation Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

Can Pre-Ejaculation Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant?


A lot of couples believe that it is a safe practice to pull the penis out of vagina just before ejaculation. This is an ancient method but it is not fully effective. The reason behind this is that a small amount of seminal fluid which is generally referred to as “precum” is released right before ejaculation can take place. This can get a woman pregnant.


What is pre-ejaculation?

Pre-ejaculation is a term which is used to describe small quantity of seminal fluid. It is released right before ejaculation. Majority of times, it does not contain any spermatozoids. However, it may be enough to cause pregnancy. After all, only one is needed!


The fluid is released from the Cowper’s Glands. These are two small glands alongside the male reproductive tract. The fluid helps in neutralizing the otherwise acidic environment of the urethra. It also offers protection to the sperm which need to travel vial ejaculation. The fluid is clear coloured and sometimes, it is visible at the tip of the penis of your partner.


The risks associated with precum

It is important to understand the chances of precum leading to pregnancy. Although, a major number of times, it does not contain any sperms but if your partner is in habit of taking male enhancement pills, then the situation changes. It has been found in studies that these pills increase the chances of fluids containing sperms. This increases the chances of a woman getting pregnant as the probability of release of these fluids into the vagina are pretty high.


Currently, a lot of couples use male enhancement pills to increase pleasure by prolonged lasting. Basically, they want to improve their performance in the bed. However, not all of them share this detail with their partners. This hiding of proper and accurate information also increases the risk of unwanted pregnancies.


Even if the partner ejaculates outside the vagina, it does not prevent pregnancy effectively. It surely lowers the chances of getting pregnant but it cannot always provide protection. If there are sperms outside vagina, they can get inside accidently and can get your pregnant.


However, the fluid can contain infectious agents including HIV. Thus, to be on the safer side, it is a good idea to wear condoms to reduce risks of infections which are transmitted and also to avoid diseases like gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and HIV.


Even though the likelihood of unintended pregnancy is low, the baby scares often make couples to consider their choices with more seriousness. Given that, it might be good times to talk about letting things go “too far” to be called comfortable.


Having safe sex


You should not leave anything to chance in your sexual relationships. It is better to be safe than sorry. Try to use modern contraceptive methods which are medically proven. Using condoms will eliminate the need to pull out, giving more pleasure. The condoms also provide safety from sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the other less used but effective methods are using birth control pills, intrauterine devices and diaphragms.