Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming Help Overcoming Fear Of Snakes?


Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming Help Overcoming Fear Of Snakes?


A lot of people harbour a fear from snakes. There are two obvious answers to this trait. One, these reptiles are venomous. Although, not all snake bites are deadly, the ones which are have already established the reputation of snakes. Secondly, the style of the motion of these creatures is very deadly. They move stealthily and keep low to ground. They prey suddenly sans warning. No wonder, people are scared of them. Their facial features are not at all welcoming. The glassy, beady eyes and fixed grins are utterly inhuman. The hiss, dry and scaly skins add the special effects.


When is this fear a problem?


In the urban areas of The States and United Kingdom, even the people who have severe snake phobia can spend their lives normally. They are unlikely to encounter these scaly things apart from pet stores, zoos etc. However, the phobia can be disastrous for someone who unfortunately lives in such an environment. For instance, all people who have a fear of snakes cannot do anything which interests them in wilderness, such as, hiking, trekking etc in North America. In a nutshell, for anyone who wishes to go exploring outdoors would be severely depressed by an undue fear from the crawly serpents.


How have people dealt with this fear in the past?


Most people are afraid of these slithering reptiles to some extent. Historical records show that individuals whose fears amounted to phobia exposed themselves to varied varieties of snakes in order to overcome their fears. There are proper classes which show how to handle garden snakes and pythons which are gentle and handling pit vipers and poisonous rattlesnakes.


Nonetheless, some people have a mental blockage or an instinctive reaction of panic which they experience every time they see a snake. No class can seemingly help such people, except maybe traumatizing more which can cause accidents.


Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming a solution?


One of the most overlooked solutions to conquer irrational fears is Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. This is an excellent way for challenging one’s conditioned stimuli. Coincidently, most phobias are also conditioned responses. With this technique, you will be able to recognize the predictable thought patterns which lead you to fear and panic. After you recognize these patterns, you will be able to change the thought process and make your brain re-train itself. Some of the most effective therapists use combinations of hypnosis techniques and NLP to change the fear reactions to calmness and confidence. Thus, not only you will be able to overcome your fear of reptiles, you will also be able to enjoy your adventurous trips outside in wilderness.