Basics of Bodybuilding

Body building is a sport that is all about building muscle. The aim of the game is to find out who comes out with the biggest and strongest muscle. The best thing about this  sport is that you can gain lots of muscle with the most simple of all equipment while putting in the least amount of hours each week like four times per week.


The way to attain bigger and stronger muscles is just by simply adding more and more weight as you make progress over time. You should also ensure that you are consistent on your training and eat right while at the same time getting plenty of rest. Also, while training you should ensure that you use a lot of weight while keeping the reps at a minimum.


Also, before you start on a new exercise program, you should ensure that you make a point in consulting with your physician before starting on a new regime.


For starters, you should go slowly so as to learn on the proper technique. Technique is the most important factor for getting a good work out. For this reason, you should consider investing in a session with a professional trainer who will get you started on the right track. If this option is not available to you, then there are instruction books out there that deal with the subject of body building.


While lifting weights, you muscle fibres get damaged. It is only when they repair themselves that you grow larger and stronger. This being said;, you should ensure that you give your muscle group plenty of time to rest after each work out.  Many body builders use this knowledge to alternate muscle groups for example some of them working the back on Monday, the legs on Tuesday, your chest on Wednesday and your arm on Friday. Many successful body builders agree to the fact that you should not work out a particular muscle group more than twice each week.


The question that one might ask is whether they should be using either weight machines or free weights. Many people agree that free weights are the best so as to increase muscle mass. Machines are best used by professional body builders to isolate muscles before they go on to contests.


This being said, here are some basic exercises aimed at the major muscle groups.
















For the Chest


1. Flat Bench Press


2. Dips


3. Incline Bench Press




For the Legs




1. Squats


2. Straight Leg Dead Lifts


3. Leg Press




Back exercises


1. Pull ups


2. Barbell Rows


3. Deadlifts




Bicep exercises


1. Curls


2. Incline curls




Triceps exercises




1. Lying Tricep Extensions


2. Close Grip Bench Press






1. Military Press.




Keep in mind that in order to increase muscle size, you, will need to keep on increasing your weights. Also, you need to be patient so that you do not overwork your muscles. You also need to be regular on your routine and also to maintain proper nutrition.