8 tips for a healthy, shining skin

A number of us are quite conscious on issues concerning our skin. 8 tips for a healthy, shining skin. It is obvious that we want to appear healthy and young thus reason why we go great extents to prevent our skin from the harmful substances. This article will explain to you the top tips that you can use to maintain a healthy skin.


Tip 1: Drinking plenty of water


Water is considered to be the natural and safest way of dealing with acne issue. Its alkaline nature makes it liable to treat any skin disorder or condition. Water helps to prevent dehydration that may make the skin to produce oil or sebum from the sebaceous glands. For the skin to function properly, it requires huge quantities of water. Nutritionists and doctor recommends 8-10 glasses of water on daily basis.


Tip 2: Check on your diet


Nutrition takes a great part in skin management. Some people are allergic to acidic foods and other dairy products. Chocolates remain to be among the most debated areas in regard to health care. Some professionals argue that chocolates have a harmful effect to the skin while others don’t. With this controversy, the best advice is to follow the nutritionist diet which mostly contains plenty of fruits, fibre and vegetables.


Tip 3Employ exfoliates


Several experts believe that exfoliating your skin is a good way to make it beautiful. Thus you should try to resort to best body exfoliates which can be capable of removing dead cells from the body. However, this should be done once or twice in 7 days so as to enable the skin to breathe. Also, exfoliates can hinder the ingrown hair from development.


Nevertheless, it is crucial to avoid exfoliates from getting into contact with the face. This is because the facial tissue is much sensitive than other body tissue.


Tip 4: Practice a regular routine for facial hair


A healthy beauty routine especially to facial skin care is quite recommended. You should actually clean, tone and moisturize your skin at least once in a day. During the process, remember to clean the neck area including the whole face. After you are done, apply a neck cream or a moisturizer.


Ensure to remove all the makeup before going to bed. Regardless of how tired you may be, make sure you clean your skin properly. Studies show that the skin undergoes elimination and cannot ventilate itself if congested with makeup. Breakouts may result due to sleeping with body makeup.


Some men may experience rashes after shaving. These may lower the self-esteem of the person and become an issue to be thinking of. To avoid such problems, follow the direction of hair growth during shaving.


Tip 5: Take good care of your feet


The feet are often neglected in many cases of skin care. If you can’t find time for a professional pedicure then try the home based method. Simply fill a basin with warm water then add oil of your preference and soak your feet for a period of 15 minutes. After that, just dry the feet and apply a rough skin remover. You can now rinse and dry the feet adequately. But if you consider pedicure, you can add some body cream to the feet for a quick and easy fix pedicure.


Tip 6: Avoid excessive exposure to the sun


This is a common precaution when it comes to skin care since it results to sunburn. It is good to use a wide brimmed hat if you spend more time in the open sun like a garden worker.


Tip 7Frequent Exercising


A healthy diet combined with body exercises will help to keep your skin healthy. It also helps to keep your body fit.  


Tip 8Taking enough rest


Stress is part of life but its effects vary according to individuals. When the body experiences stress, adrenal androgens get converted to testosterone resulting to hyperactive sebaceous glands. This makes the face to be oily when still other parts of the body are dehydrated. Thus the best way to rejuvenate the skin is taking rest of 6-3 hours daily.